Early modernist, digital humanist, pop culture wonk.

I am Digital Scholarship Coordinator and Faculty Teaching Associate in Comparative Humanities at Bucknell University, exploring and instituting ways in which Digital Humanities tools and methodologies can be leveraged in a small liberal arts environment. Before Bucknell I was a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology, teaching courses in composition and communication, and media studies.

I earned my PhD at the University of Waterloo. My dissertation, “‘Covetous to parley with so sweet a frontis-peece’: Illustration in Early Modern English Play-Texts” analyzes patterns of visual rhetoric in the illustrated title pages of seventeenth-century English printed drama, examining publication practices, politics, and the relationship between the contemporary theatrical audience and the reading public.
My research specialties include early modern British literature and drama, visual rhetoric, and multimedia theory and design. I have taught extensively in the English and Theatre departments at Georgia Tech and the University of Waterloo. I have a strong record in multidisciplinary approaches to Early Modern studies, and a robust slate of visual rhetoric-based research projects and publications. I have established a reputation in the field of digital humanities research and praxis, as a collaborator on several funded scholarly research endeavors, and as a developer of digital pedagogy approaches to composition, literature, and drama.
Before this I was a TV and web programming executive at Home Box Office. But that’s a whole different story!

I tweet and retweet compulsively about DH, society, and politics at Twitter handle @DianeJakacki