Organization and Procrastination

I love Things. I’ve become a to-do list junkie, and although I don’t really embrace the GTD lifestyle, LifeHacker has given me food for thought about threshing away at my inbox and slicing up the tasks and projects and goals and objectives that threaten to overwhelm me.

Anyway, I’m Thing-ing like crazy. I leave for DHSI in 17 days. I move to Lewisburg in less than four weeks. I start the new job at Bucknell on June 24. There are articles to write and edit, conferences to plan, moves to sort. It’s almost all good to think about and to do.

With the stress and sadness of the past year, I’ve had to put my research and writing on a side burner, glancing over at it all once in a while but sending more e-mails of regret and requests for patience. This weekend I’ve embraced all of this anew. I’m almost finished (finally!) with the old spelling of Henry VIII for the Internet Shakespeare Editions;  I’m wrestling the imageMAT user interface design into some semblance of logic – and thinking about how it might be more sensible to shift from a web-based solution to some sort of app-web hybrid. I’ve gone back to the drawing board on the Tarlton Jests digital edition (I really should have marked up the black letter before trying to engage in a modern edition, although I’m going to keep the files on github while I make better sense of them.) Thinking Iter and REED and Shakespeare History and DH/DP thoughts, waiting for reviewer feedback on two volume essays and sketching out new volume and article directions.

So, where does the procrastination fit in here? While I write this I’m burning all of my CDs to digital format. Later I’ll be sorting really old financial documents (I mean, like, HBO paystubs from 1987!!) and culling my clothes closets (not quite as old as 1987, but some clothes that moved with me from Ontario that I’m pretty damned sure I’ll never ever wear again. Which I guess is a form of organization and anticipation of the move, but still. I do have that ‘oh, look! Pretty … Shiny!’ thing going on.

OK, it’s time to peek at Twitter, then finish the H8 old spelling, outline the DHSI digital pedagogy course sessions, plan the Lewis & Clark schedule, fix the damned SVG editor interface on imageMAT, and … like that.

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