July 10, 2011

I consider myself to be relatively well organized when it comes to work. I keep lists (I use Things synced between my Mac, iPad and iPhone to organize just about everything in my life), and I use DevonThink Pro Office to keep track of all research and most of my teaching resources. While my desktop (virtual and real) is not the tidiest, I know where everything is. So I've been looking forward to making the most of my efficiency this summer and make a serious dent in everything from writing to personal research projects to imageMAT prototype development to preparing for this fall's job market. I never expected family emergencies to completely throw me off my game, but so they have. And while it has been at times by turns terrifying and exasperating, the experience of having to put my personal plans in abeyance has been an important lesson.  more "Priorities"

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June 20, 2011

I have heard several origins for the phrase "Que sais-je?" but all roads seem to lead to the medieval French philosopher Michel de Montaigne. The phrase can be translated as "What do I know?" It reflects my feeling that the farther along I move on the path of academic enlightenment, the greater the chasm between me and understanding. So I choose to adopt it as my motto. Hell, it's better than my Logie ancestors' motto: "Tam marte ovum arte" (which roughly translates as "brawn over brains" and is shared with the Royal Troon golf club).