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Romans / Britons Collaborative Narrative Project

John Opie, “Boudica Haranguing the Britons.” Wikimedia Commons.

Concept: A group of historians, archeologists, and associated researches collaborate to produce a evolving multimodal research-based historical biography.

Narrative: use the characters Suetonius Paulinus, Boudica, and several others to develop the complex interlocking narratives of the clash between the invading Romans and the defending Celts in England and Wales during the first century BCE.

Medium: online integrated multimodal space (some form of CMS that can incorporate text, maps, images, timelines, video, etc.)


  1. Experiment with online research collaboratory methods
  2. Explore a complex subject that is defined by its divisive structure (battling ethnic forces, aspects of the expanding Roman Empire, questions about Celtic culture)

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