Asking Better Questions

The other night I had one of those eureka! moments that bring me joy and make me crazy. But mostly bring me joy.
As some of you know I've been trying to sort out how to track Queen's Men touring practices in the 1580s by teasing information out of the Records of Early English Drama dataset and looking at it on maps. I had some early success - 1583 record scraps offered what looks like a split tour during the summer months. I've been pinning the record scraps to an ArcGIS online map (and a pretty crappy job I did of it, too) and explaining away the vagueness of my plotting because I don't always have very specific geo references (aside from an extant guildhall here and there, for which I'm grateful.) Continue reading Asking Better Questions

Settling In

New work-home

Bucknell: Week One phase is now complete. It's been exciting and exhausting and confusing and exilarating. There's so much to do, and so many people to meet, and so many goals to set, and ... I still can't quite adjust to the feeling that the Bucknell DSC (both position and center) is a reality and not something I've wished into being. There were so many meet-and-greets this week that it was Friday before I was able to start to make sense of my notes.

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Organization and Procrastination

I love Things. I've become a to-do list junkie, and although I don't really embrace the GTD lifestyle, LifeHacker has given me food for thought about threshing away at my inbox and slicing up the tasks and projects and goals and objectives that threaten to overwhelm me.

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