Introductory Markup Experiments

This week in my HUMN 100 course we began the TEI module, which will see students tagging individual anecdotes in "Tarlton's Jests" and compiling them into a digital edition. We've been wrestling with some computer problems this term that have made the round-table collaborative nature of last fall's course a bit harder to sustain. Several students have had to work on the lab PCs around the edge of the room, which means their backs are to me, and they're not connecting with one another, either.

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Tarlton’s Jests: TEI update #1

I've been experimenting with ways to present Tarlton's Jests as a work in progress over on The Tarlton Project. I decided that the best way to demonstrate how this project is coming together is to push preliminary experiments, using TEI Boilerplate for styling purposes.

You can see my first efforts on the Tarlton Project site.

Bits and Bobs

36/365: An' the BOXES'll git you Ef you Don't Watch Out!
CC Image courtesy of Betsssssy on Flickr.

Procrastination technique 4,372: writing a blog post when I should be packing. The movers arrive tomorrow morning bright and early. By Tuesday afternoon I should be in Pennsylvania. By Thursday afternoon (so they say) the movers will join me with lots of stuff.

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