Asking Better Questions

The other night I had one of those eureka! moments that bring me joy and make me crazy. But mostly bring me joy.
As some of you know I've been trying to sort out how to track Queen's Men touring practices in the 1580s by teasing information out of the Records of Early English Drama dataset and looking at it on maps. I had some early success - 1583 record scraps offered what looks like a split tour during the summer months. I've been pinning the record scraps to an ArcGIS online map (and a pretty crappy job I did of it, too) and explaining away the vagueness of my plotting because I don't always have very specific geo references (aside from an extant guildhall here and there, for which I'm grateful.) Continue reading Asking Better Questions

Checking back in

Have been flying below the radar lately. Have drafted several posts but life kept getting in the way of properly editing them. I have spent some time tweaking the site's theme (still not happy with it, but I've become quite the theme hoarder).

Continue reading Checking back in

Off to ROMARD we go

Just clicked 'send' on an article entitled "Title Page Engravings and Re-Ordering the Quartos of A Game at Chess". It is scheduled to be published in the XLX 2011 issue of Research on Medieval and Renaissance Drama. Quite the little monster - 9600 words plus endnotes, and features eight full page 17th century engravings. I expect there will be some more pre-press adjustments to be made, but I'm excited. Now on to the Henry VIII edition proposal, and the essay for Envisioning REED.
But first a bit of dinner, then back to reading Knight of the Burning Pestle for tomorrow's class.