Settling In

New work-home

Bucknell: Week One phase is now complete. It's been exciting and exhausting and confusing and exilarating. There's so much to do, and so many people to meet, and so many goals to set, and ... I still can't quite adjust to the feeling that the Bucknell DSC (both position and center) is a reality and not something I've wished into being. There were so many meet-and-greets this week that it was Friday before I was able to start to make sense of my notes.

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Scrivener: let me count the ways

If I didn't already have enough reasons to love Scrivener, George Williams' post in today's Profhacker, "Scrivener Makes a Good Transcription Tool" clinches the deal. I wish I'd known about this in April when I was scrambling to transcribe an interview for TECHStyle using ExpressScribe, which was unwieldy and awkward. Go go Scrivener!

On Finding – and Refining – One’s Voice

My to-do list was overwhelmingly long, and so yesterday I found myself procrastinating in every possible way. I decided, for no clear reason, that I needed to consolidate my working bibliography to incorporate all of my research sources from graduate school onward. I don't know;  someday that might come in handy. I decided to go back and pull the works cited lists from my Master's courses. In a further act of procrastination, I read some of my early attempts at scholarly writing. I quickly noticed two things: my bibliographical skills were horrendous (never-ending apologies, Jill Levenson! Your valiant efforts were clearly in vain), and my writing style was cringingly bad.  Continue reading On Finding – and Refining – One’s Voice